BustedFaucet- Free High Paying Bitcoin Faucet!

BustedFaucet  Bitcoin Faucet

Get 50 to 1000 Satoshis Every 5 Minutes With Our Bitcoin Faucet!

BustedFaucet is a free high paying bitcoin faucet that hands out small random amounts of bitcoin (satoshis) every 5 minutes without have to buy them. You can claim up to 120 times every 24 hours! Make sure to check the recent post about current bonuses!

What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

A bitcoin faucet is known as reward systems, in which the user gets paid in Satoshis (hundredth of a millionth of a bitcoin) for the traffic the user produces. For more info on bitcoins click here.


Bitcoin faucets sounds too good to be true?

A bitcoin faucet operates under the funds of the advertisements placed on the site. This is how our site is able to keep handing out Sathoshis. Almost all bitcoin faucets are free, but they all vary in how much they pay out and how often. Our site pays every 5 minutes and is one of the highest paying faucets around!

Collect claim bonuses for being loyal bitcoin faucet users!

We offers seniority to those who keep coming  back.

  • 7 days = 5% bonus on all bitcoin claims

  • 14 days = 10% bonus on all bitcoin claims

  • 30 days = 13% bonus on all bitcoin claims

    Seniority will reset every 40 days.

Bitcoin faucet payouts

 Bitcoin payouts will be paid out on every Sunday if the threshold of 16,000 Satoshis is reached. Bitcoins will be paid to ePay. From there the user will have to claim a withdraw with ePay to get the bitcoins sent directly to the users wallet. The transaction may take a few days depending on the blockchain.

Refer your friends for BIG bitcoin bonuses!

Refer your friends and earn 50% bonus satoshi’s on the claims of the person you referred! Your referral link will appear after you claim and will be above the captcha box! Referrals are a great way to earn bitcoins fast!

How to Start Earning Free Bitcoins

1. Enter your bitcoin address below

2. Fill out the captcha

3. Click “Claim” and start earning bitcoins!

At the very bottom of the page is the statistics of all the user’s earnings.

Feel free to follow or friend us on Facebook or Twitter! The links (icons) are at the top of the page! Updates about the BustedFaucet will be posted there!

Any comments or suggestions can be submitted at the very bottom of the page and are greatly appreciated! I can also be directly contacted here.

Don’t have bitcoin wallet? Click here to get one for free to store your bitcoins and to exchange them for fiat currency!

Check your bitcoin address statistic

21,146,196 Satoshis

Donations can be sent to the following bitcoin address: 3HHYNqVz8N8E2xFN1riFSDdAsKN4Y52Aqc

 We respects the privacy of all the users and will not hand out any valuable information or passwords to anyone. The faucet will never store any information and will never ask for passwords or credit card information. The site does use cookies, cookies are used to give the user the best possible experience on our faucet. The rules for the site can also be found on our “Rules” page.



  1. i have 22000+ shatashi but you dont send it my epay acount…

    1. Once you reach above the threshold I will payout the following Sunday. So tomorrow I will send payment.

  2. Hi, good evening Mr. Logan. Came here to tell you that the faucet is working great again. I think solvemedia made something wrong with those push ads on puzzles. the entire last weekend i was unable to claim, was getting “client error 117B” on every faucet with solvemedia. Once they changed it again to normal puzzles, everything came back to normal (Tuesday at 00:00GMT). Since that error was “IP related”, i used (just to test and once) a vpn to check it and it somehow worked, but i didnt use it anymore, waiting for solvemedia to fix it. Now i have this great faucet again on my tab list 🙂 thanks for your effort on solving the “media error” too. Kind regards, and happy claiming to everyone!

    1. Hey Coroto, thanks for the support. I’m honestly not sure what happened with those puzzles. Just glad to see it’s working great again. Hope you continue to enjoy it and earn some bitcoins.

  3. I’m already reach .00016000 BTC, how I transfer or withdraw on my bitcoin or epay account?

    1. It will automatically be paid out on Sunday.

  4. A good site for free bitcoin.
    You can check http://freecrypto4u.blogspot.com for more free bitcoin source.

  5. I need referral link for give reference to friend, send me the link

    1. Once you claim, if you scroll back down to above the captcha box. The link will be at the very top of it!

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